Mar 14

Off-Road Safety Tips

At Paulding CDJR we specialize in some of the best vehicles for off-roading. Whether you’re looking at a RAM 1500 or a Jeep Wrangler, you might be itching to try your hand at the road less traveled this spring. No matter if you’re a newbie or a veteran, follow these off-road safety tips to protect you and your vehicle from damage on your next adventure.


Walk First

If you don’t know a path or its conditions already, it’s a good idea to take it by foot first. Check out how muddy or sandy the ground is, and use this time to judge whether or not your vehicle will be able to handle the terrain.


Go Slow

If you think you’ll need to go over 10 mph to accomplish any off-road task, the chances are it’s not going to work out. Take things slowly, and always approach your obstacles with patient caution.


Stay on the Trail

It’s tempting to make your own, new trail, but this is how even the best off-roaders get stuck. Stick to the designated off-road trail for a successful and safe outing.


Tell Someone

Let a friend or family member know your off-roading plans and when you plan to be back. This way, if all else fails, they will be able to send help if you don’t return and can’t get cell phone service.

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